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Wood Chippers: A Comprehensive Guide

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Wood Chippers: A Comprehensive Guide

Wood Chippers are machines used to shred and chip wood. They come in various sizes and types, and they are used for different purposes. From clearing large tracts of land to landscaping, chipping wood for mulch or compost, or disposing of tree limbs and brush, a Wood Chipper is an essential tool for anyone who works with wood. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Wood Chippers.

Here is the list of contents

  • Types of Wood Chippers

  • Power Options

  • Capacity

  • Safety Features

  • Maintenance

Types of Wood Chippers

There are two main types of Wood Chippers: disc chippers and drum chippers. Disc chippers have rotating discs with blades that chip the wood as it passes through the machine. These are commonly used for larger jobs and are more efficient than drum chippers. Drum chippers, on the other hand, have a drum with knives that chip the wood. These are more compact and are great for smaller jobs. In the international market, some of the commonly available models of Wood Chippers include the versatile Wood Chippers 65S, 65SE, 65E, 65V, and the powerful Wood Chipper 15H.

Power Options

Wood Chippers come with different power options, including electric, gas, and diesel. Electric chippers are great for smaller jobs and can be plugged into a standard outlet. Gas chippers are more powerful and are better suited for larger jobs, but they are also louder and emit exhaust fumes. Diesel chippers are the most powerful and are commonly used by professionals. They are also the most expensive.


The capacity of a Wood Chipper refers to the size of the wood it can chip. This is determined by the size of the chipper's chute, which is the opening where the wood is fed into the machine. The larger the chute, the larger the wood the chipper can handle. It's important to choose a chipper with the right capacity for your needs.

Safety Features

Safety should be a top priority when using a Wood Chipper. Most Wood Chippers come with safety features such as a hopper safety interlock, which prevents the machine from operating unless the hopper is securely closed. Some chippers also have a feed control bar that needs to be held down to keep the machine running, which prevents the operator from getting too close to the blades. Always wear eye and ear protection when using a Wood Chipper and never put your hands near the blades.


Proper maintenance is essential to keep your Wood Chipper running smoothly and efficiently. Regularly check the oil and air filters, and change them as needed. Keep the blades sharp and replace them if they become dull. Check the belts and hoses for wear and tear, and replace them if necessary. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific maintenance requirements.

In conclusion, Wood Chippers are powerful tools that can make quick work of wood debris. When choosing a Wood Chipper, consider the type, power options, capacity, safety features, and maintenance requirements. Always follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate gear when operating a Wood Chipper. With proper use and maintenance, a Wood Chipper can be a valuable tool for any woodworker or landscaper. We are a company specialized in manufacturing Wood Chippers. If you are interested in Wood Chippers, please feel free to contact us. Our website is

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