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Log Splitter

A log splitter is a powerful machine designed to split logs into smaller pieces for use as firewood or other purposes. Log splitters come in various sizes and types, including gas, electric, and manual models. Gas log splitters are the most powerful and can handle larger logs, while electric models are quieter and more convenient, and manual log splitters are the most affordable and require physical effort to operate.
Log splitters are available in different tonnages, which refer to the force that the machine can exert on the log. The most common tonnages for log splitters are 22, 26, 34, and 40 tons. The size and hardness of the logs being split will determine the required tonnage for the log splitter.
Log splitters can also come in horizontal or vertical models. Horizontal log splitters are more compact and easier to store, while vertical models are more efficient and allow for splitting larger logs.

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