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Faster and more powerful than conventional tools

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Faster and more powerful than conventional tools

Log splitters are mechanical devices for separating wood into smaller pieces. They are usually driven by a hydraulic system and can be operated automatically or manually. These machines are used in logging, construction, and agriculture to improve wood processing efficiency and reduce labor costs. log splitters are available in many different models and sizes to accommodate different sizes and shapes of wood blocks. Log splitters are particularly important in the logging industry. The traditional method of manually separating lumber using an axe or saw is physically demanding, time-consuming, and dangerous. Modern Log splitters automate the separation task, making the work more efficient, safer, and less laborious. Log splitters also play an important role in areas such as paper manufacturing, construction, and agriculture. In construction, for example, Log splitters can cut larger stumps to the right length for handling and cleanup. In agriculture, they can help cut hay into the right size pieces for feeding livestock.Log splitters are a very useful piece of machinery that can improve efficiency, reduce labor costs and increase productivity in many areas.

There are 3 models in the commercial series, which are described below.

Here is the list of contents

  • 15 pro: the efficient wood separator

  • 20 pro: a wood separator with higher output

  • 70 pro: Designed for industrial scale

15 pro: the efficient wood separator

The Log splitters 15 pro is a machine that separates wood faster and more efficiently. No manual labor is required, the automated mechanism of this machine makes the work easier and faster. It is made up of strong and durable parts that are more reliable than traditional mechanical devices. This machine is designed to accommodate various sizes of wood pieces and has an intelligent control system to ensure the safety of the operator. All in all this machine is perfect for any task that requires efficient and reliable wood processing.

20 pro: a wood separator with higher output

If you are looking for a machine that can process a large number of wood blocks, then the Log splitters 20 pro is the perfect choice for you. It has a larger output port and can accommodate a wide range of different types of wood. This machine also features an intelligent control system and highly customizable solutions. What's more, this machine is equipped with advanced technology, which results in higher output and longer service life. So no matter what task you are facing, Log splitters 20 pro will help you do it with ease.

70 pro: Designed for industrial scale

For industrial-scale wood processing, more powerful machines are needed to meet the demand. That's exactly what the Log splitters 70 pro excels at. This machine is specifically designed for industrial applications and is built quite powerfully to handle wood of all sizes and shapes. In addition, it features an advanced control system and customized solutions that can be adapted to your specific needs. So whether you run a logging business or are responsible for wood treatment on a construction site, the Log splitters 70 pro is an indispensable tool for you.

The Log splitters commercial series is an excellent set of machinery for more efficient and safer wood treatment. If you are looking for a wood processing machine that fits your needs, consider these products. Whether you are in the logging, agricultural, or construction industry, these machines can help you increase your productivity and profits.If you would like to learn more about products related to the Log splitters commercial series, why not contact us at our company website:

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