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China (Yongkang) International Agricultural and Forestry Equipment Expo

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China (Yongkang) International Agricultural and Forestry Equipment Expo

Enterprises in the Development Zone Shine at Agricultural Equipment Expo


Maxpower Technology Co., Ltd. Presents New Wood Chipper, Attracts Customer Attention

Customers flocked to Maxpower Technology Co., Ltd.'s booth at the recent exhibition in Yongkang City. The company's mobile mini wood chipper was a popular item among many attendees.

"This mobile mini wood chipper is compact and suitable for use in garden landscaping, pruning fruit trees, and can operate in narrow spaces, which makes it very popular with consumers," said a Maxpower Technology representative at the exhibition. The product uses an independent fuel-powered engine, which can effectively solve the problem of limited power during field operations.

According to reports, wood chippers have a wide audience in foreign markets and are essential products. In recent years, with the rise of urban landscaping construction, the demand in the domestic market has also been growing rapidly, and the sales of wood chippers produced by the company have been steadily increasing.

In addition, the wood chipper can shred branches into 1 to 3 cm strips for easy transportation and storage. The shredded material can also be used for other purposes, realizing resource recycling.

It is reported that Maxpower Technology Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the agricultural machinery industry for more than ten years, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other regions and countries. The company has also set up a German design team to conduct product development, further enhancing the market competitiveness of its products.




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